Flying Birdly. Extending VR.

"Ever dreamed of flying like a bird? You're in luck - new flight simulator Birdly lets you do just that, through the power of virtual reality .

The Telegraph (UK)


Current Birdly Show

Museum of the Moving Image
New York

Birdly is exhibited at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York from April 18 to May 16 (the presence will maybe be extended) . The work is part of the Show Sensory Stories: An Exhibition of New Narrative Experiences presented by Future of StoryTelling.

20150415 Birdly at MuseumMovingImage10

The Verge
“Anyone who would complain VR isn’t interactive enough should first try Birdly. It’s a thrilling simulation of a flight over San Francisco... with your arms spread wide, an Oculus on your face, and headphones on your ears, you find yourself soaring over the city’s downtown, flapping your wings to gain altitude. It’s a calming, meditative experience — at least until you find yourself crashing into the Transamerica Pyramid. Immersive and exciting, Birdly is the kind of VR experience that turns skeptics into true believers.”

"… the Birdly experience is beautiful and extremely vivid. It is also the first one in which I felt like my whole body had been transported into the world I was in at that moment. And it all clicked when I turned my head to the side and saw my wings, covered in brown and black feathers."

"I feel like Birdly managed to just get past some threshold of pleasurability and plausibility, so that I wanted to keep flying all night. It also made me impatient to race around faster, diving and swooping and barrel rolling. I wanted to fly over the rest of California, and to see it all with perfect resolution… Promisingly, Google Earth sent 20 people to visit Birdly last week."

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